Interviews done by the ABC about Railway Life  with Pat Pocock and Jack White can be heard here along with some photos taken on the weekend.   http://www.abc.net.au/local/photos/2008/10/11/2388471.htm


Celebrating 125 years of railway in Wycheproof
Steam Rail Victoria steams into Wycheproof on Saturday morning to begin a very successful weekend.
The steam loco began her journey the previous evening , leaving Southern Cross Station with 70 people on board with destination Wycheproof.
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R761 steams past our K167 on display, recently restored by the Lions Club.

The train whistle echoing around the silos at the Wycheproof Station heralded not only the arrival of the first steam train to Broadway Wycheproof  for many years, but also the start of a fabulous festival weekend in town (A double header R761 and R707 pulled the last steam train up Broadway in 2003).
After many months of preparation, by a small group of volunteers, the Steaming up Broadway Festival weekend of steam trains, cycling and music got off to a fantastic start as a crowd from Wycheproof and farther afield greeted the train in Broadway.
They also greeted cyclists taking part in the Wycheproof Wanderers Huff 'n' Puff train challenge. The winner, after calculating average speed, was the steam train coming in at 50min:28 sec just ahead of first place Troy Hutchins (Spring Gully) marking a time of 59min: 38sec, second placed Tony Morrison(Wycheproof) 59mim:39sec and third placed Adele Garwood (Bendigo) whose time was 1hr: 08.02.
The steam train shuttle rides from Wycheproof to Glenloth were very popular with around 400 people riding in the vintage carriages restored by Steam Rail Victoria.
Saturday afternoon events around Wycheproof were popular including the working dog display, the boomerang championship, the Mens Shed and machinery display, the quilt exhibition and the lunch and reunion of railway workers in Centenary Park.
In the Wycheproof Shire Hall delegates from Hobsons Bay City Council and the Williamstown Maritime Association and Buloke Shire met for the official handover to the shire of the very impressive Paddock 2 Port photographic exhibition.
Steaming up Broadway working party chairperson Kylie Brown welcomed guest and visitors to the festival and the exhibition.
President of Williamstown Maritime Association, Patsy Toop, explained the background to the project which depicts photogpaphs of farming life in the Buloke Shire and maritime pursuits at the Williamstown docks from the early 1900's. Patsy Troop handed a large framed photograph to Buloke's Cr Robyn Ferrier who expressed her appreciation and explained the significance of the friendship alliance between Buloke Shire and Hobsons Bay City Council.
The paddock 2 Port exhibition is on show in the Wycheproof Shire Hall and is complimented by the Public Records Victoria Transported Back exhibition; a showcase of photographs of Melbourne's iconic railway buildings and stations and some rural railway photographs such as the Bendigo rail yards and staff.
Around 400 people danced in the dust under the stars during Music on the Mount, where they heard some great acts including Scott Leslie and Steve Russell and Anthony Patton, and bands including Firekites, Laura Jean and Mojo Corner.
At sunset Eddie Marks on didgeridoo heralded the moon and stars which make Wycheproof nights spectacular. The headline act Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing, who have been on the road touring were a favourite with the crowd. Falling From Grace and the Sophisticants topped of a great night among the ancient rocks of Mt Wycheproof.
Sunday events saw Tony Morrison crowned King of the Mount after completing a gruelling duathlon dash, Tony Morrison led the field of 10 competitors with a time of 51 min:42sec, second placed was Courtney Chugg of Bendigo witha time of 59min:49sec and third placed Peter Jackson of Geelong 1hr:01
The Wycheproof  living market and expo on Sunday created a lot of interest among visitors with many popular stalls under the Broadway verendas. The train and travellers  were farewelled from Broadway Wycheproof at around 1pm on Sunday.

R761 at Charlton on the way to Steaming up Broadway


A radio broadcast from the Rex Theatre started a weekend of festivity in the Buloke Shire.

The broadcast was to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Rex Theatre in Charlton and the various events to be held in the Buloke Shire over the coming weekend.

Coming live from outside the Rex Theatre in Charlton, Dave Lennon, accompanied by Jonathon Ridnell,brought together a range of people involved in a multitude of events to bring the activities of this October weekend to a wide listening audience.

Live music by country music performer Scott Leslie (with sister Kate) brought to the fore an emerging new talent , with Scott performing at the "Music on the Mount" on Saturday night.

With crosses to Wycheproof and Donald, Dave and Jonathon kept the interaction with the crowd outside the Rex while incorporating snippets of information around each of the interviews.

Buloke Shire Cr Stuart McLean and Hobson's Bay Business & Tourism Officer, Daryl Warren spoke about the value of the alliance between the two councils.

As reported in the Buloke Times


The Wycheproof Wanderers Bicycle Club conducted two events on the Festival Weekend, the first was "Huff n Puff" beat the train from Charlton to Wycheproof.

37 riders about to be sent on their way to Wycheproof  from in front of the Vale of Avoca at Charlton.

A late change to the steam train time table resulted in it being a timed race, the steam train trip took 48 minuits from Charlton to Wycheproof, more than 30 riders left Charlton with the first rider Troy Hutchins from Spring Gully  reaching Wycheproof in 59 min 38 seconds, 2nd place was Tony Morrison from Wycheproof in 59 minuits39 seconds and 3rd place Adele Garwood from Bendigo in 1hr 8 mins
The winners with their presentations from left Adele Garwood, Troy Hutchins and Tony Morrison.

On Sunday morning a Duathlon was conducted, starting from Centenary Park where the last King of the Mountain race was conducted 20 years ago on this weekend, they did not have to carry a bag of wheat but it was still a big challenge with running and riding around the Mount.
Tony Morrison was first to complete the race in a time of 51 min 42 secs, 2nd was Courtney Chugg in 59 min 49 sec and third was Peter Jackson in 1hr 1 min.

Entrants on the first leg of the Duathlon running up Mount Strret.

Tony Morrison was crowned King of the Mountain for 2008 by the organizers of the event Andrew Cheyne and Linda Rumbold


On Saturday Morning Steam Rail Victoria and Steaming up Broadway conducted two return trips to Glenloth with both trips full.
All aboard to Glenloth.

The first trip returns to town.

Two local lads decided to race the train to Glenloth and a group on the trip.

Scenes from the train with the Glenloth Hall and the site of the old Glenloth Station, A couple of local girls enjoy the trip.


A big crowd of over 400 made their way on to the side of  Mount Wycheproof to listen to a long list of entertainers with Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing the main act for the evening.

The show started early in the evening with the Police Highland Band the first to give a performance.

Steve Russell was the MC for the evening and introduced the next act in Scott Leslie who sung and played some of  his own compositions,
Next  Anthony Patton joind Steve on stage to continue the  entertainment.

One of the Highlights of the night was Eddie Marks playing a didgeridoo

Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing were the lead act for the evening.                                 Laura Jean provided some warming up songs for the evening
The Firekites                                                                                                                        Mojo Corner

Falling From Grace                                                                                                          The Sophisticants

Getting a good spot                                                                                                       A good vantage point



Broadway came to life on Sunday morning, although a little slow for those who ventured to Music on the Mount, with many stalls and free events a good crowd turned up.


On a weekend like this catering is a big part of the event and breakfast is were it starts, on Saturday morning the" Mens Shed " started the day and on Sunday it was the Lions Club turn with both doing a great job.

And helping out the Mens Shed was a marvelous display of cooking, from grain to breard all done as it would have been many years ago.

It was the Lions Club's turn on Sunday morning at the park and as usual put on a great breakfast.


There were several photo displayes to look at over the weekend, at the Shire Hall a pictorial display of the history of railways in Victoria and a Padoch to Port display tracing produce from the Farm to Hobsons Bay Port. Also a display at the Old Court House with local railway photos and of course the Court House itself.

Steaming up Broadway festival working group chairperson, Kylie Brown,opening the festival and Paddock to Port exhibition.
Cr Robyn Ferrier accepts the Paddock to Port exhibition for its tour of Buloke Shire from Williamstown Maritime Association president Patsy Toop.

The Paddock to Port exhibition comprises 30 photographs depicting wheat and wool production in the Mallee and Wimmera, its transport by train to Point Gellibrand and loading on to ships berthed at three piers in Williamstown's then thriving port.
It was developed earlier this year by the Williamstown Maritime Association (WMA) in conjunction with the Point Gellibrand Park Association, Hobsons Bay City Council and the Buloke Council.

Buloke Shire Councillor Stuart McLean with Williamstown Maritime vice president and
Hobsons Bay Councilor Peter Hemphill.

In the foyer a display of items from " King of the Mount "  that run for eleven years 1978 to 1988.


As with many things bureaucracy can be your biggest obstacle in doing  things as proved with the turntable in Wycheproof, so R761 had to stay until it could be returned the following weekend and turned around at Bendigo on the way back to Melbourne.

What might have been ?  R761 coming from the turntable after being turned around on a previous trip to Wycheproof

A line up of Locos at the Station including El Zorro's, a sponsor of the weekend

Caught as the day breaks on Wednesday morning, Kylie Brown and R761 sleeping peacefully the only movement was a couple of rabbits running away.

Getting Lucy warmed up- James from Steam Rail Victoria lights up an oil rag to get the fire in the boiler going

Warren from Steam Rail Victoria unloads wood to fire up R761 and Joe and Blake get to have a look in the cabin after baby sitting her for a night.

Members of Steam Rail Victoria from left Warren, Les, James(the spokes person) and Matt. Chairperson of the Steaming up Broadway Committee Kylie Brown gives
the weekend the thumbs up.

Members of the organizing committee and helpers farewell R761 at the Station

Train and crew are on their way back to Newport via Bendigo where R761 will be turned around to head the trip to Melbourne.


It is planned to conduct the Festival again next year on the same weekend and any constructive suggestions are welcome and can be sent to email address below.